Historical Readings

Alison has always felt a strong connection to the past, both her own and history in general. Her historical readings reflect this and also add an element of fun and entertainment to a reading. Alison’s historical-themed psychic readings include Roman, Viking, Victorian and 1940’s.

Roman Readings

Roman’s were largely interested in astrology, although they did have a way of predicting the future using wine. Wine was drunk commonplace every day, usually a dilution of 75% water and 25% wine. This was largely because the water was frequently stagnant. The wine in Roman times was not as pure as it is today and there would be a certain amount of sediment at the bottom of a drinking vessel. This would be swirled around and thrown against a wall. The fortune teller would then read the pictures formed by the wine sediment.

Of course, people today are not keen to have wine thrown up their walls, so absorbent paper is used instead. A little fruit and spices are added to the wine to create the right infusion and allow images to be left on the paper, which can then be read.

Roman readings can be done either in costume or in conventional clothing and are a great addition to an historical re-enactment or themed event.

Viking Readings

Vikings believed that their lives were already pre-destined by the gods and that, in order to have the best possible outcome, it was good to spend time with a seeress, who was believed to have direct contact with the gods. The seeress would live just outside the camp, as she was considered of high importantance, almost equal to royalty. If a camp had a seeress, it was important to keep her, so the camp would provide her with a high standard of living, gifts, jewellery and much more.

In later times, Vikings would read runes, although a seeress would choose other items that resounded with her specifically. There would always be a bell, as a bell connected her with the gods.

Viking readings can be done in conventional clothing, but are particularly fun in costume. Viking culture and mythology is still very popular today and viking readings are the perfect addition to an historical re-enactment or festival.

Victorian Readings

The Victorians loved messages and each of their flowers and herbs had a meaning, enabling them to send secret messages by way of a small bunch of flowers, which could be worn as a corsage. This was called a ‘tussie mussie’ and was a small flower arrangement of fragrant herbs and blooms. Originally designed to protect the wearer from noxious odours resulting from poor bathing and sanitary conditions or earlier times, it remained popular for its charm.

The allure of an aromatic nosegay became linked with the language of flowers, which became all the rage in Victorian times. In later Victorian years, the tussie mussie became larger in order to conceal more message content.

Victorian flower reading is enormously fun. It begins with a talk and then becomes hands-on, with the making of a tussie mussie. This is followed by a psychic reading from the tussie mussie.

1940’s Readings

The 1940’s were the heyday of tea leaf reading. At this time people were looking for hope, comfort and reassurance, which tea leaf reading offered. Many people at the time read tea, making tea leaf readings easily accessible. The decline of tea leaf readings began in the 1960’s with the introduction of teabags.

1940’s readings are great fun, whether in costume or in conventional clothing. The 1940’s is still a popular era today, with many thousands of enthusiasts, making these readings a great feature at historical events, war-time re-enactments or themed parties.

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