Card Readings

Card readings are one of the oldest forms of psychic reading, dating back many centuries. Card reading isn’t just about having your future read. It can help to reveal the answer to many of your burning questions, help you to see your past and present more clearly and insightfully, and help you reflect on your thoughts and behaviour.

Alison uses mostly cards for her readings, although these are really only the key to a door.

“When I turn a card it could feel hot, cold, or electric. It may have a breeze, or a particular colour haze. When I look at the person, I may see some colour around them. This could change from card to card. I often look up and concentrate on the person, and frequently I feel physical things. Over the years I have learned their meaning. For example, left hand itching means information that I interpret and right hand itching means information to give direct. I may feel sun, rain, wind, pain, stiffness and it all adds into a reading. I also hear, but only in my right ear. When all of these are combined with the card faces, it all fits together.”

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