About Alison Alden

Alison Alden has been a psychic for as long as she can remember and carries out many different types of psychic reading.

People often come to her for specific reasons. She will begin with a short consultation in order to understand the visitor’s circumstances and what they are hoping to learn. They may be looking for insight, direction, or a solution to a problem. Once Alison understands how best to proceed, she will begin the reading, generally using a selection of cards, a mirror, or charms.

The cards or charms may often feel hot and cold to her, or she may feel electricity, which can add to the reading. Alison will frequently see colours around her visitors that correspond with the reading. She may also hear sounds. She is able to draw all of these experiences together and interpret them accurately for the visitor.

Alison takes her gift seriously. She is a professional psychic who only relates what she sees. Anyone looking for a fairy story or promises of a charmed life would be better suited elsewhere.

I come from a family where psychic ability is prevalent. It may skip generations and then pop up again. My great great great grandmother Smith was gifted, as was my great aunt Colius, who would have people queuing down her hallway with cup and saucer for a tealeaf reading.

Over the years my style has changed and my life experience has helped me to evolve. My work is a window to the world.

Over the years I have read for family, friends and at fund raising events but, despite having over 47 years of experience as a psychic, only began reading professionally a few years ago. The people I read for vary from first-timers with a general interest in their life path, to long-time visitors who return for readings that will reveal something specific for them. Often, when people are at a crossroads in their life, I am the person they turn to.

Psychic readings are not something to be afraid of. The answers you are looking for are already there. My role is simply to help you uncover them!

Wishing you fortune & happiness,


Alison Alden