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Alison Alden is a psychic reader. She describes herself as being “fortunate to be born a psychic”, having inherited her ability from her maternal line and able to trace it back to her great great great grandmother. Her great aunt, an accomplished tea leaf reader, was also a renowned psychic and she knows of many other family members who used their gift, but never made it publicly known.

Despite having over 47 years experience as a practicing psychic, Alison has spent most of that time reading for family and friends, or at fundraising events. As her reputation grew, she found herself being contacted by a much wider circle of people, all interested in one type of reading or another. As a result of the growing demand on her time, and to enable her to reach and help more people, Alison now practices professionally, providing readings to individuals, groups and at public events.

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The first thing to know about psychics readings is that there is nothing at all to be worried or nervous about. When you attend psychic readings with Alison, whether face-to-face or by phone, you will find that you are very much in control. You will have the opportunity to brief Alison on the things that you are interested in and would like to discover, and she will never reveal anything that you don’t wish to know. Alison’s readings are always relaxed, enjoyable and thoroughly enlightening experiences.

Alison has honed her craft over many years and employs a number of different tools of her trade. Readings can be performed using traditional items such as cards, tea leaves and charms. And her unique gin tea readings have also become extremely popular, adding an exciting and unusual twist to the more widely performed tea leaf reading.

Alison has always felt a strong connection to the past and her historical readings reflect this, as well as adding an element of entertainment. Alison’s historical-themed psychic readings currently include Roman, Viking, Victorian and 1940’s, and are hugely popular choices for groups, parties, themed events and corporate occasions.

Although Alison describes herself as “an ordinary person, with children, grandchildren and a dog”, her remarkable gift leaves a lasting and positive impression on all those that she reads for. Friendly and approachable, she welcomes enquires and is always happy to arrange readings, introduce herself, or explain more about what you can expect from one of her unique and unforgettable psychic experiences.


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